59°21'11.57"N 18°3'57.95"O

59°21'11.57"N  18°3'57.95"O are the co-ordinates of DOCH

And that is the name of our Performance.

This is a studentproject. Stdh + Doch. 4groups doing a 10-20minutes performance  each.

Light n`Sound from STDH, Dancers from DOCH.

59°21'11.57"N  18°3'57.95"O

Made by:

Katrine Johansen (dancer)
Jo Bandholtz (dancer)
Rannei Grenne (dancer)
Rodrigo Vilarinho (dancer)
Anna Haglund (sound designer)
Magnus Mikaelsen (light & set designer) 

All artists were part of the creative process from the very beginning to the end.